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A free audio book on the use of Twitter for voluntary sector and community organisations.

Can you sell advertising on your website?

The simple answer is yes.  However, before you start dreams of riches and the end of your funding woes a reality check.

Advertisers want a return on their investment.

New Google Analytics Dashboard Report

IlluminateICT develops and provides its customers with Google Analytics reports.  The changes made to the GA system have disabled many of the standard reporting features.

If you use Google Analytics then you can implement this dashboard for your data

This link will provide you with the dashboard described below, feel free to use, share or adapt to your own needs.

For IlluminateICT Customers this is the layout of your new reports.

Build a Communications Strategy including social media

Communication Strategy PigeonCommunication Strategy PigeonBuild a communications strategy

The use of Social Media within the Voluntary and Community Sector is just beginning.  For many organisations and people this is a worrying time with a real concern that organisations will lose control of their identity.

There is a danger that organisations, or individuals within organisations leap in without any planning and that the entry into social media is disjointed and fails.

Top content writing tips

Write my content is a authoring service for web content and print media

Customer is King

Focus your content on the readers of your website. SEO is important, but you should make sure that your content is not so littered with key words and phrases that it makes it difficult for people to read. Losing readers to build SEO is a bad deal.

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